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Aidan Martin: Get Together

Aidan Martin is one of those fully-fledged bluesmen that manages to evoke old school rock and blues with each performance. Although it’s an increasingly difficult genre in which to stand out, Martin and his band do so with their latest single ‘Get Together’.

‘Get Together’ has its feet firmly planted in rock rhythms and moves from one section to the next with the timing and agility of a well-trained boxer. The standout mix of swinging and straight rhythms along the way gives it an edge of originality that seems to come from deeply rooted instincts for the style they deliver. In this regard drummer Jorik Pienaar is perfectly suited to the task at with an organic, powerful delivery.

The guitar parts sit in a middle ground that combines traditional rhythm and lead playing with Martin’s hands constantly busy weaving little licks that evoke scattered tones of specific chords. He plays not like a showy shredder but rather a composed blues man, a more difficult feat in my book.

Martin’s vocals start the verse with a theme that is developed on throughout.  “How long must we wait/ ‘Til the tables are turned/ After all of this time/No, nothing has changed,” he sings. With each verse elaborating, the chorus brings us back to the core theme and hopeful resolution, appealing to humanity at large and asking them to unify for change.

This is a promising single filled with soul and rock ‘n’ roll groove, so if you enjoy music made 50 years ago then this is a no brainer. As for everyone else, it’s a positive message delivered by noteworthy musicians in true rock fashion.

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Listen to ‘Get Together’ here.