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Lo-Ghost: There’s Blood In My Body And It Sounds Like This:

In anticipation of the release of this debut album, Cape Tonian duo Lo-Ghost (made up of Evan Strauss and Shannon Devy) released Night Sounds, a 15-part podcast which unpacks each song from the album both in terms of theme and production, giving listeners a rare insight into the hard work and often harrowing stories which went into making this project.

The alternative-pop outfit, has produced a debut LP of incredible scope, simultaneously tackling the challenges of homosexuality, loss and the world in general, while marrying them to expertly produced multi-layered synth soundscapes. Their work is wholly binary, both with individually written songs and production skills and a stage centre they trade with ease.

Percussive electronic melodies underpin almost the entire album, while the two vocalists delve into personal lyrical depths. “I think I need you now/ I’m fresh wound giddy and I know you’re coming around.” Devy’s strong, honeyed vocals spill over the opening track ‘I Break My Own Heart’ – a self-deprecating comparison of physical distress and its emotional counterpart. Blossoming synths bloom over ‘Ghost In A Blood Machine’, as it unpacks the concept of internalised homophobia and the effect self-shame has on those around you.

Flute-like percussive melody and high toned vocals, this time courtesy of Strauss, ease ‘The Blue’ into play, while ‘Night Flowers’ explores the fragile nature of the human condition, in off-kilter melody and visceral lyrics. A good chunk of the album tackles the harrowing grief at the loss of a loved one. ‘Ocean’ hides this very theme beneath layers of affected vocals and a warping underlying melody, just as ‘Maybe This Would Have Been Your Year’ similarly pairs poetic musings with melancholia-soaked themes.

The production of the project is masterfully constructed. Powerfully cinematic progressions dominate ‘Creature’, while pulsing, undulating synth work in ‘Cavernous’ ties deliciously in with the track title. ‘From Across The Room Pt. 2’ incorporates an almost drum ‘n’ bass technique, starkly juxtaposed with the soulful, spacey stylings of ‘Reverend’.

This is a hard-hitting offering, which deftly navigates love, loss, depression and queer positivity with carefully constructed, sweeping soundscapes and equally calculated thematic depths. This musical exploration of our humanness leaves one with little doubt that the blood in our bodies does indeed sound like this.

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