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Shortstraw Release ‘The Less We’re Together’ Video

With just two more songs left to release under their Those Meddling Kids umbrella, Shortstraw’s latest single ‘The Less We’re Together’ is a pop punk anthem that reminisces about a couple’s good ol’ days.

“You look better and better, the less we’re together,” has a nasty ring to it but truer lyrics in this track are harder to find. The accompanying video, directed by The Brave Cartel’s Yolande Botha, came to be after she heard about the collective on Nick Hamman’s 5FM show and decided to get in touch with the band.

“For me, brainstorming a music video always begins with listening to the track on repeat over the course of a day or two,” Botha explains. “The emotion of the track is always the starting point for brainstorming and for ‘The Less We’re Together’, there was definitely a strong feeling of anger, hurt and frustration.”

The resulting video is crammed full of these traits, as we are introduced to three characters who seek out an unconventional therapist-type in order to vent. It’s a brilliant video to watch if you’re feeling a little down in the dumps and who knows, it might even provide you with an inspiration of sorts to make yourself feel better. Watch the video below.

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