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Van Pletzen Release ‘Eiland Styl’ Video

“Moenie met my stry nie, vanaand hou ons partytjie,” sounds like a lyric from any recent sokkie treffer. If you listen closely, though, you’ll notice that this is exactly the kind of feel-good, escapist effect that humorous duo Van Pletzen want to achieve.

Van Pletzen is Peach Van Pletzen (Bittereinder, Yesterday’s Pupil) and Matthieu “Makkie” Auriacombe (Hello Beautiful, Beach Party). and their main aim is to provide some relaxing escapism for South Africans to turn to during the country’s troubled times.

The idea to start this musical project came about in a way that is as light-hearted as Van Pletzen’s sound. Over some cold beers, the musicians decided that they would use their music to spread good vibes. “Makkie, my partner in this project, and I decided over a few beers to make ourselves a feel good vibe. I love humour and this project gives me the outlet to use humour with cool music. We are very proud of the outcome,” explains Peach van Pletzen. His reputation precedes him though, as the duo has already been booked for Koppi.

‘Eiland Styl’ is the group’s debut single, and its melody and lyrics combine perfectly to make this track an instant ear-worm. The track’s video, filmed by PJ Kotze from Bonanza Films, is good-humoured – very obviously and deliberately shot in front of a green screen – complete with fabulous Hawaiian shirts and awkward dance moves. Watch the video below.

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