Amy Ayanda Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Cape Town-based group Amy Ayanda create compositions that are a mix of organic and electronic elements that underpin Ayanda’s moody vocals. The band has a five-track EP in the pipeline but in order to mix and master it effectively, they need your help.

The goal is a realistic and achievable one, setting the bar at R10 000 for the production of the upcoming EP. Their launch date is the 27th of September and they’ve already begun planning a Joburg tour, but once again all of this will only be possible if you lend a hand. And you should really consider it, the rewards are quite sweet. The different tiers for the campaign are as follows:

  • $1 or more : Download link to our E.P
  • $16 : Amy Ayanda Fine Art Print (20% off)
  • $28 : Amy Ayanda Handpainted tote (6% off)

With already just under half of their goal reached the tiers are sure to move fast (we’re quite sold on that rad fine art print) over the next 5 days.

To view the crowdfunding campaign in full and to help fulfill a musical goal visit their IndieGoGo page.