Ann Jangle: Nothing Left

Ann Jangle’s latest track is the result of what she calls the “worst tour of her life”. She’s been over to Europe a few times over the years, living completely from her music, but had fallen on hard times. She found herself by the banks of a river in Baden, Switzerland with her trusty guitar and wrote one last song, ‘Nothing Left’. She decided that this would be the last one for her, a parting gift to a life of music.

More than a year has passed since that day, and Jangle has kept going. There’s something about that unflinching commitment that comes across in her music. ‘Nothing Left’ is a melancholy but powerful look into the harder days of life on the road. It’s also Ann Jangle at her very best.

Folky guitar, bassy choir and simple percussion play a supporting role. Jangle sings at times as if chanting and at others with bluesy vigour. Her love of the blues shows most in her road-weary delivery as she cries mournfully, “Look into my eyes/ I’ve got nothing left to give/ Because this road I’m on is less travelled/ And it’s taken its toll on me.” While a myriad of songs may have expressed this sentiment before, Jangle does so with the soul-baring honesty reserved for blues greats.

The overall sound is evocative of a different era in history with a focus on organic sounds and quality over quantity, leaving it to the vocals to create dynamics. It builds to a wounded zenith in the bridge before a quiet ending, keeping the structure simplistic. Jangle manages to coax something personal out of the every word so it’s still interesting after repeated plays.

‘Nothing Left’ is a powerful and deeply personal song that bears the weight of its weariness upon the listener. It’s undeniably some of Ann Jangle’s finest work thanks to her ability to turn raw emotion into meaningful music. Anyone capable of producing work of this magnitude isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

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