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KiSMiT: Cosmic Love

KisMit is the lovechild of Cape Town born, Sebastian Reunert, and Californian native, Carly Barnette. Reunert’s Cape Town roots piqued my interest in the band because who does not love a local success story? Since their meeting at a songwriting class at Berklee College of Music in 2013, the two musicians have toured Northern Europe, the British Isles and the Caribbean.

The duo classifies their track, ‘Cosmic Love’ as “disco-funk” and I think that this term is an extremely apt description of the band’s sound. While this label evokes images of afros and jumpsuits, the track encapsulates so much more than this.

With its soulful vocals and catchy chorus, “Cosmic Love” adopts a timeless quality that makes me certain that the track could be a hit in any era: from the ’80s to 2017. The track’s enduring nature is further cemented with Barnett’s falsetto vocals that deliver lyrics which tell an age-old, endearing story of a couple in love.

The track is dynamic throughout with the help of guitar riffs that are complimented by snippets of trumpets, both of which add depth to the track. In addition, the baseline pulls everything together whilst the drums ensure that the song maintains its momentum from the first to the last second.

‘Cosmic Love’ is fun, contagious (in the best way) and lively. My only criticism of the track is that it is not long enough because my life could definitely do with as much KISMIT-goodness as possible.

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