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Van Pletzen Release ‘Goud’ Video

Happy-go-lucky duo Van Pletzen made an entertaining debut with the release of their carefree single, ‘Eiland Styl’.

Now, this playful pair are showing off their dynamic style by exploring a sound that is far removed from their sokkie-inspired debut. With their new single, ‘Goud’, Peach van Pletzen and Matthieu “Makkie” Auriacombe have gone for a more bass-driven sound, with Peach taking the rap reigns hard.

As was the case with Van Pletzen’s debut, ‘Goud’ is lighthearted and humorous, chronicling the story of a fairly universal experience as two friends take Jolburg’s nightlife head on.

They do their best to come across suave, but expensive drinks and snubs from girls lead to them abandoning their car and the club and taking the party to the backseat of an Uber instead.

‘Goud’ is catchy and clever, and works well with the group’s aesthetic of not taking themselves too seriously. It’s because of this witty attitude that it’s difficult to find fault with Van Pletzen, as their humour is on-point without being self-gratuitous.

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