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Colour Faction: Colour Faction

Touching on an array of dynamics in their self-titled debut EP, Colour Faction is a clear-cut indie pop group looking to make a mark on a somewhat limp genre in SA.

Preceding the EP, the band’s debut single was a goodie waiting to be released. Written two years ago, ‘Marco Polo’ juxtaposes jubilant instrumentals accompanied by some macabre lyricism. Appropriate, considering Ackerman’s somewhat paradoxical aim of being a terrified explorer. Instrumentally, “when it came to the melody,” expresses Ackerman, “there were two objectives: to capture a sense of yearning, and to make listeners feel like they’re soaring.”

Opener ‘Dancing At a Party On a Saturday Night’ is remarkably reminiscent of indie pop giants Grouplove and Little Green Cars. Accompanied by playful synth melodies and dense bass lines, the female-male harmonies create a notably charming dynamic, one too seldom explored in this genre.

The band’s happy-go-lucky temperament dissipates in follow-up ‘Talk to the Trees’, a refreshing, unconventional dynamic driven by a mandolin and a self-assured undercurrent, easily my favourite.

Closers ‘Somewhere Somehow I Lost Something’ and ‘Mata Hari & Me’ both distinguish themselves with slight East Asian melodies and dramatic, anthemic fragments respectively, although consistently maintaining a light merriment. I look forward to seeing how this all translates into a live show.

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