Feature Opinion

Fresh Flex Friday #20

We’ve got something to dance to, something to fall in love to and a couple of songs that will remind why you’ve always loved these artists. Grab these tracks and include them on your playlist for the long weekend as you celebrate why you are proud to be South African, while listening to the best local music.

Christerk – Ancient

Ambient 4×4 that seems pretty textbook until 2 minutes in, where we’re surprised by an almost eastern influenced synth breakdown before returning to the opening formula. Ancient is the title track off the EP forthcoming on Just Move Records. The full release features remixes from the likes of Leeu and Shaheen CDG and is due for release on 25 October.

Parabyl – La Mazza

The prodigal son returns with a late night dancefloor banger, featuring coercive chopped up vocals, rampant sample layering and a rhythm progressing from future bass to 2step and UKG.

Yum Yuck – Synth Exploration

“How am I supposed to find some piece of mind, when I’ve lost a piece of mine?” Pascal has cheekily managed to time the gaps between each new release so that we are just eager enough for the next track but not annoyed at how long we have to wait. This track is reminiscent of a tasty combination of Tame Impala and Daft Punk. I love the low slung progression with mini bouts of chaos sprinkled through out.

Dwsn – Luna

There has been so much hype around Dwsn for as long as I have seen his name on event line ups and radio show features. He came out in flames and has kept the fires burning.

His Luna EP has just been released on Stay True Sounds and is an excursion into proper deep house, not the the junk being passed off under that genre banner. This release is a beautiful showcase of the man’s skill and I look forward to seeing what he has in store for us in the forthcoming months.

Micr.Pluto – Cloud City

True leaders are innovators and create opportunities for new generations. Micr,Pluto is a true leader of the beat scene is Johannesburg and this track is a display of his prowess.

The vocals weave in layers among the instrumentals in a seductive dance that captures the listener from the outset. An absolute pleasure to listen to from start to end.