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Terminatryx Release ‘Medusa (iRONic Remix)’

‘Medusa (iRonic Remix)’ is the first of Terminatryx’s new remix project and comes with a video to boot. Both the single and the video stick to a simple setup, reaching more for quality of sound and image than an abundance of ideas.

Electronic percussive elements take over from the usual drums for an industrial metal feel. There’s a handful of other studio trickery as well, most notably in the amount of effects on the vocals, which creates a synthetic feel. However the guitar and bass seem untouched, providing the sinister metal aesthetic that the band undoubtedly wishes to maintain.

Slowly panning shots of a dinner scene, snakes and various foodstuffs make for a video that depends on imagery more than action in telling the story. In spite of the aggressive nature of the music itself, the video itself is quite reserved. After an extensive amount of build-up the three other band members are killed by a combination of their wine and a snake. While their heads end up in jars on the very table they were sitting at, there’s no blood and guts.

In terms of narrative, it’s a simple journey from that creepy dinner setting to the poisoning of the other band members. Shots cut between the main story and vocalist Sonja Ruppersberg singing with a snake draped over her shoulders, dedicating the bulk of the video to her sinister glare.

This is the first single in what will be a reimagining of Terminatryx’s aesthetic, a more electronically driven direction that still follows in the spirit of a stalwart local metal band.

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