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BRYNN: About Time

After over a year spent gradually infiltrating the gigging scene, BRYNN has finally released their debut offering, ‘About Time’. It’s a dreamy, powerhouse of a track, which positions the Mother City based five-piece on unique grounds.

Fronted by Jules Terea, the band has coined a unique genre-spanning sound – as Hezron Chetty weaves classical string components into a generous dose of rock ‘n’ roll tendencies offered up by Dave van Vuuren (Southern Wild). There is a prevalent rock underpinning to the song as a whole, which never seems to fully manifest within the melody, but is rather carried through by Terea’s vocals, resulting in a complexity of sound which can barely at a stretch, be pinned down.

Sleepy, oozing synths are light on their feet and drawn by an acoustic guitar undertow. Brass fanfare, courtesy of Lee Thomson’s flugelhorn, pivots the song into chorus, while the power then swiftly dissipates in its wake, as simplistic lyrics counter hardy vocals. Thematically exploring the intricacies of life and how important it is to surrender to its flow, BRYNN has put forward a carefully-tempered track which explores an intriguingly modern take on the folk-rock genre pairing.

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Listen to ‘About Time’ below