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Spook The Horses Release ‘Crude Shrines’ Video

‘Crude Shrines’ is another cryptic video and song combination from Spook The Horses. Its pace is slow and desolate, lumbering along over subdued vocals with a hint of ambient guitar to pull it all together.

One guitar punches out a low riff while the other adds a very measured high register, serving as decoration in a notably stripped down song that’s in no hurry at all to find its peak. Even the drums are just brushwork. It’s all in service of creating a sense of emptiness for which they are undoubtedly aiming. The vocals quietly elaborate, dropping image references such as “Somewhere in the trees / Another desperate mystery”.

The video is much the same. At the start strange, flickering images reveal an empty chair, statues, curtains and other indefinable objects. The images flicker under obscure visual noise in a deliberate effort to keep things vague. The objects become slightly clearer as things proceed to eventually reveal a man sitting motionless as lights and shapes dance over him. But there’s little action. It’s minimalist from start to finish. The band seems unusually intent upon letting the audience find their own interpretations.

With ‘Crude Shrines’ Spook The Horses continue their love for things both dark and abstract. It’s music that always hints but never insists upon something in an effort to fascinate. You’ll find yourself returning to the video several times in an attempt to decipher its meaning, so in that respect the have succeeded.

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