Opinion Review

Go The Rodeo: Vultures

Go the Rodeo are quickly establishing themselves as a musical force that takes no prisoners. Their new track ‘Vultures’ stripped-down and minimalistic in terms of its instrumental backdrop. Vocally, it makes use of a refreshing falsetto in the chorus that prevents it from slipping into monotony.

Lyrically the track is introspective, symbolising the pain of working hard towards a certain dream, but being dragged back down to earth by real-world stumbling blocks. The lyrics also represent romantic struggles, as the song discusses the contrasting ideas of loving a person, yet also wanting to be set free from them.

As with Go the Rodeo’s previous singles, ‘Vultures’ has an accompanying lyric video. The video’s surveillance VHS-atmosphere make it eerie and these visuals feed into the track’s pensive lyrical content. With a solid release structure and upcoming supporting slot for Jam Packed Productions announcement, they’re definitely a band to keep your eye on in 2018.

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