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Heels Over Head For A Good Cause

Heels Over Head is a collaboration celebration in lieu of the fairer sex. For two events the after-hours belongs to the ladies. Two cities, three acts and a charity will partake in the entertainment!

A percentage of the ticket price goes directly to Bethany Home, a house for abused women and children. To help the cause, we encourage all men and women to dress up as the opposite gender. Those who do, will get freebies at the venues and stand to win prizes on the night.

At Arcade Empire (Pretoria, Dec 1) and Good Luck Bar (Joburg, Dec 2), three rock acts will perform, namely Mr Cat & the Jackal, Cortina Whiplash and the mighty Black Cat Bones!

It all started in 2009 when JUMP MEDIA hosted “Womens for a day” in Cape Town with Mr Cat & the Jackal, Them Tornadoes. Hog Hoggidy Hog and Josh Grierson. The event was an enormous success and repeated the year thereafter. Then Mr Cat & the Jackal took matters in their own hands at Assembly in Cape Town in April 2016 when they dressed up in drag to give a percentage of their fee to a house for abused women.

Now a similar idea will be replicated in Gauteng, hosted by events co-ordinators: ‘We’re with the band’. It’s a chance to wear your girlfriend’s clothes and vica versa. Be the opposite gender for the night and party like them with the finest rock n roll on stag. Only this time you know that some of the proceeds of the debauchery goes for a good cause (it’s about time, too!).

For all the ladies and gentlemen that dress like gentlemen and ladies, drinks specials and prizes will be on offer. It also makes for a great night to remember. Mix gender roles, abandon and lightheartedness like you mix your drinks!

Tickets are on sale at

The first act will start at 21:30

Dress up, raise your glass and come dance in honour of those that rock the skirt!

For more information contact We’re with the Band:

Sheethal 0791533401