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MOONGA K. Releases ‘Let Go’ Video

After our premier of his single ‘Let Go’ at the end of September, MOONGA K. has dropped his debut video for the track, directed by himself and Thomas Revington.

When asked about working with Revington, MOONGA K. replied that, “It was an absolute honor. been a fan of him since I’ve seen 5 Shortstraw shows and being able to work with him on my first music video was a blessing.”

MOONGA K. worked with not only one powerhouse muso on his debut video but two, as Bouwer Bosch took care of the editing and grading or ‘Let Go’. “Bouwer Bosch, who’s become a really good friend of mine now, funded the video and did the post-production and again, such an honor. he’s super kind and working with him was a breeze,” MOONGA K explained.

This video is a coming of age realization that you can exist and be content, and be in love and just live. It’s all about taking tragedy and stress, and making something beautiful out of it by essentially, letting go. Watch it below.

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