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The Amblers: The Dustling Man

The Amblers’ “The Dustling Man” EP wastes no time in introducing itself with Jason Hinch (drums) and Justin Swart (guitar, vocals) launching into languid rock ‘n’ roll opener ‘Sometimes’. The Dan Auerbach twang is strong in Swart’s tone, but it’s one that lends itself to the genre I guess.

It’s ‘Dustling Man’ that really kicks things into high gear though, with it’s distorted, Jack White-like guitar tone dripping from the opening riff. Swart’s vocals are a bit too staccato for me though, I’d love for the lyrics to effortlessly bleed into each other. This effect is somewhat achieved on ‘Tired Man’ which aids in making the song a literal manifestation of the toxic relationship Swart’s singing about. It’s a Black Keys situation up and down the different tempos and as a result makes it a standout track.

‘Keep Me Screaming’ is probably best indicative of the rock-solid foundation that Hinch supplies and wraps things up neatly, with the promise of a full album in the works.

Even though they’re still to be tried and tested live (although with Hinch at the helm I don’t see how a show could be any less than pure power) The Amblers’ debut EP deserves your full attention.

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Listen to “The Dustling Man” below.