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Hyroine Release ‘Fly Over Dubai’ Video

The newly released music video for rebellious dream-pop duo Hyroine’s latest single, ‘Fly Over Dubai’, immediately conjures up nostalgic memories of beach holidays captured by dad’s handycam in the ‘90’s. That, coupled with the karaoke-style lyric text popping up across grainy holiday footage makes for a surreal but poignant video, which matches up well to Hyroine’s spacey reverb-soaked guitars and dreamy vocals.

Band members Roxy Caroline and Yelen Wells chose Dekel Shula Adin precisely for his specific lo-fi video style, and weren’t disappointed with the result. Authentic down to a tee, the footage used for the video is mostly from actual holiday filming and doesn’t sugar-coat the difficult parts of travelling, like the anxiety surrounding spending and leaving loved ones behind. All this is done with an eclectic collection of images – at one point the viewer is confronted with the desperate flapping bodies of fish lying stranded on a beach. At another point, the text on the screen tells you that “SPARKLE PARTY” are the words being whispered over the effect-laden guitar lines.

What may seem like a collection of strange shaky holiday clips and text becomes a surreal video journey of nostalgia carried gracefully by Hyroine’s vocals.

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