Opinion Review

Jason Barty: Thought Loops

Written in a mere 3 weeks and heavily influenced by nature’s essence, Cape Town-based Jason Barty’s latest instrumental album encompasses a nonchalant, downtempo collection of tracks which simultaneously relaxes and excites you. “Thought Loops” comes after Barty’s “Simple Day” and “To Be Here” collections, all exhibiting a similar, reflective nature.

The intricate percussion patterns and accompanying modest bass lines in opener ‘Thought Loop’ provoke an enticing, meditative dynamic. Similarly in follow-up ‘Hug’, a piece about “how we need to spend more quality time together,” expresses Barty, the ethereal synth layers create a simultaneously mindless and captivating atmosphere.

“A thought loop is when you’re stuck in a stream of thinking and thoughts build off each other, taking over your mind,” explains Barty. Indeed, the thunderous, syncopated bass lines and monotonous rhythmic sections in ‘Cloud Loop’ and closer ‘You Army’ exhibit this state of mind, albeit through timeous layering and un-layering.

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Listen to “Thought Loops” here.