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PURE Releases ‘Treasure’ Video

In her latest video, co-directed with new kid on the block Bastien Leonardy, PURE’s narrative focus is on the re-imagining of self through a Buddhist philosophy.

“This is my first attempt at physically manifesting an imagined vision, and watching it take form with the help of those who share similar creative insights,” she explained when questioned about the fashioning of her latest expression since the Kyle Lewis-directed ‘No Secrets’.

“’TREASURE […] is a reference to the world within that we so often neglect, whilst the world we occupy conditions us to look outwardly for contentment. The “Hungry Ghost” (a Buddhist philosophy), talks about a void within: a void that cannot be filled with worldly pleasures, a void that must be filled by doing deep work within,” she states.

Various shots see PURE wrestling with a duality of self of sorts, a light and a dark that are at odds with one another. The most telling is a sequence where she’s struggling to break through a sheet-like casing that she’s trapped in.

“It’s time to reveal and and reclaim our treasures,” she goes on to explain. “The idea is to transcend into this glorious and magnificent being, rising high above and taking pride in the scars and pain that have brought you to this place. Projecting a future of hopefulness and powerful transformations through embracing the light as well as the dark in one’s own path.”

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