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Rambling Bones & The Shabs To Release Joint Album

In the build up to the full release, each band has chosen one of their five tracks to release before Christmas. The Shabs chose a song called ‘Settle Down’ and Rambling Bones picked a tune called ‘Faster, Faster, Faster’. 

The idea to release a joint album was sparked between lead singers Jon Shaban and Jay Bones at a gig they played together. From a love of vinyl coupled with the fact that both bands were recording new material, an idea was hatched to release this together under a split release.

“DEJA VIEW” will feature 5 new tracks from each band, one band each taking a side of the record. The joint album will be released in March 2018 with a national tour to follow. Tour dates to be announced soon. Download ‘Settle Down’ and ‘Faster, Faster, Faster’ on iTunes.

Both bands came up with the name “DEJA VIEW” together and agreed the name was a great way to encompass a few sentiments that occur throughout the album. In some ways, it represented the process of looking back at past circumstances with different perspectives. These perspective can either place too much importance on past events and lead to an overly sentimental yearning for nostalgia, or it can trivialize past events and create a situation where we don’t learn from our mistakes and are thus doomed to repeat them.

For over a decade, members from The Shabs and Rambling Bones have played together at numerous gigs and festivals and solid friendships have been formed. From sharing the stage in their home towns, Cape Town and Johannesburg to meeting at festivals around South Africa and Mozambique, each band is a mutual fan of the other.

Lead singer of The Shabs, Jon Shaban commented on the new material, We’re really excited to launch this split with Rambling Bones and get these songs into the hands of our fans’.  ‘The new EP is a collection of 5 upbeat songs that have been written on the road over the last 18 months. We’ve put a lot of energy and focus into writing strong chorus’ and the songs have been really well received from the stage. The lyrical content covers a range of topics from love, life and sociopolitical issues. We chose ‘Settle Down’ as our single because we have found that people have really responded to it from the stage. We hope the response is as good, if not better, to the recorded version.

Jay Bones, front man of Rambling Bones had this to say, ‘Our chosen single, Faster Faster Faster, describes the world as we have always seen it. Every generation thinks the world is crazier and overloaded and that the next will be even more so. However we seem to pull through.’

Find out more about each band below:

The Shabs are a folk punk band from Cape Town. Having gigged extensively across South Africa and Europe for the last 5 years, they deliver a tight, captivating set that blends sincere melodic sing-along folk with the raw energy and DIY ethos of punk rock. Drawing influences from artists such as Frank Turner, Erik Peterson and Against Me!, the band never ceases to get a crowd to throw their fists into the air and sing along to their anthemic tunes. Since the release of their debut album Folk Is Dead, the band have toured relentlessly around South Africa as well as two very successful European tours (UK, Germany, Czech Republic and Switzerland).

Rambling Bones is a four-piece band emerging the sprawling metropolis that is Johannesburg. Originally a solo project of Jay Bones, the evolution towards a band was a natural one, with four friends meeting every Wednesday for what they called ’musical therapy’ sessions. Folks might be tempted to say that the ‘sound’ of Rambling Bones is that of Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, Against Me!, Mumford & Son, Iron & Wine or maybe Father John Misty. The Ramblers have played around the country and been in invited to and performed at many prestigious festivals such as Oppikoppi, DrakeFest, White Mountain Folk Festival and FORR.