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Top 10 Music Videos Of 2017

The standard of music videos being produced in this country rival that of our overseas counterparts and at times, outdo them. This year’s videos were offbeat, melancholic and comedic and so, in no particular order, enjoy our best videos of 2017

1. PHFat and Mac Motel: Keep You Safe. This nostalgic love jam is a striking visual ode to one of Mike Zietsman’s old high school flames. Shot at the Sea Point Pavilion Pool, the desaturated video follows a collection of quirky characters gathered at the edge of the water, as Zietsman longingly singles out his crush among them. Skye Mallac

2. Francois Van Coke: Beter Mens. Directed by Motion City Films power duo Helen Raine and Kim Hinrichs, this video is simultaneously beautiful and unsettling and the coming-of-age storyline is expertly interpreted by a cast of non-actors. Tecla Ciolfi

3. Bittereinder: Donderwolk. In anticipation of the group’s impending 10 year anniversary this song’s melancholy lyricism is creatively emphasized through the lens of the video’s protagonist, giving viewers a glimpse into his slightly unhinged state of mind. Timothy Kohler

4. Josh Kempen: Leave Me If You Can. DOLPH’s overtly orange direction provides the backdrop to which Kempen explores that fresh taste of the single life, fuelled by various alcoholic beverages to numb the pain. Tecla Ciolfi

5. Shortstraw: Eventually. A reminiscent ode to their years on the scene, this video thematically explores life and death while spinning out a series of short clips from fondly pivotal moments throughout their vibrant career. Skye Mallac

6. Cassper Nyovest: Destiny. Kyle Lewis’ futurist narrative and vision coupled with Cassper’s introspective rhymes and Goapele’s tender reworking of Malaika’s chorus on ‘Destiny’, result in probably the best music video I’ve seen this year. Tecla Ciolfi.

7. Southern Wild: Darkness At My Heals. Intimate angles show Southern Wild exhibiting a raw, remarkable and beautifully-exposed live performance of one their debut album’s highlights whilst nonchalantly sitting on top of The House Of Machines bar counter. Timothy Kohler

8. Youngsta: Wes-Kaap. Youngsta plays a Godfather-like figure in this Dale Fortune-directed video that sees a whiter-than-white bra, who’s in the wrong place at the wrong time, score himself a free tour of the Cape Flats after being mistaken for someone else. Whether or not he made it out alive we’ll never know. Tecla Ciolfi

9. Diamond Thug: Cosmic Dreamer. The band’s latest release is a beautifully haunting, synth-soaked track, washed in Chantal Van T’s wafting vocals as it navigates the life of a vagabond traveller yearning to step beyond her orbit in hazy, purple, otherworldly music video. Skye Mallac

10. The Kiffness: Game of Love. In a year that was characterised by 10001 interpretive dance videos, this Daniel Marcos-directed piece takes a simple dance routine and quite literally sets it alight. Tecla Ciolfi