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Medicine Dolls: Love Lost Lullabies EP

The Medicine Dolls return in all their morbid glory for their latest EP “Lost Love Lullabies”. This time round they explore a few new avenues and the result is a slightly faster, angrier incarnation that still delivers with their signature blend of accented vocals and thick latherings of reverb.

Opener ‘Kiss Kiss Kill Me’ is one this band’s most energetic contributions yet. They shift from their normal indie-pace into more aggressive territory, almost but not quite as far as punk. The combination is an effective one and actually eases the morbidity that their previous efforts are so good at, in favour of something angrier.

At the other end of the spectrum is ‘If I had Your Daddy’s Money’, a catchy-as-hell dance number thanks to a bit of alternate hi-hat work. It imbues a sense of fun to the EP that’s much easier to pick up on than previous efforts.

Overall “Lost Love Lullabies” is less self-deprecating and more assertive in its anger. Perhaps this is due to a boost in confidence after a good run of successful live performances? Regardless, it’s their most interesting offering to date.

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Listen to “Love Lost Lullabies EP” below.