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nicpreen & The World of Birds: Stay Or Leave

The third release from ex-Al Bairre front-man nicpreen’s new band, The World of Birds, finds its feet with an effortlessly catchy prevailing guitar riff which forms the solid backbone of the track, while navigating pop nuances with earthy leanings. Co-written by Christa Faure (guitar and percussion), the song is a dedication to nicpreen’s girlfriend who recently moved to New Zealand and navigates, with energy akin to Al Bairre, a sad situation hidden behind energy-fueled melody.

Stitched together by Faure’s easy guitar melody, the track oozes faint Al Bairre strains in its welcome familiarity, while holding firmly to its own with chiming, earthy tones lent by steady percussion and infectious energy. Theirs is a high-tone pop sound which would find itself equally as comfortable on a radio station as it would in the cozy comfort of The Waiting Room, or a small festival stage.

Thematically it’s a cruising love song and a sweet testimony to the freedom love should allow, as nicpreen sums up gently, “If you get what you want out of leaving/ just know where I am.”

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Listen to ‘Stay Or Leave’ below.