Opinion Review

Wonderwolf: Chapters

Following the release of his debut album last year, Wonderwolf a.k.a. Gideon Kretschmer is back with another emotive, dynamic collection. Written and recorded in his Cape Town studio over 6 months, his latest EP serves as an introspective exploration of light and dark – a similar central theme to his debut “The Long Winter”.

I’m not sure if his relocation to Germany, where he’s now based, provoked a more unfamiliar dynamic, but “Chapters” screams relatively more progression and experimentation. Opener ‘Headrush’ and the EP’s first single ‘Run for Cover’ encompass anthemic indie-pop synths and a dominating, angsty vocal dynamic (think Awolnation circa 2011).

‘Invisible’ sees Wonderwolf explore a contrasting note, one he’s become notorious for. The track’s nostalgic post-hardcore nature takes me right back to the early 2000’s, filled with aggressive and emotive sentiment. ‘Polars’ also deviates, albeit in itself. Showcasing relaxed verses complemented by abrasive, energetic choruses – the track’s fitting title might be focusing on a seemingly increasing global socio-economic divide.

‘Buried’ and ‘The Caper’ highlight the artist’s notable ability to also create beautiful ballads. The ethereal, spherical tones accompanied by Kretschmer’s Creed-esque vocal tone and refreshing acoustic guitar lines make for an earnest closure of the album.

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