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Fresh Flex Friday #36

New month, so much great music and I can hear the weekend calling my name. This week’s selection is broad, exciting and challenging. Whichever artist brought you here, I hope you take the time to learn about and explore the others because each one of them has put in the work to deliver sweet sounds to your ears.

Cadenza – Flow EP

Ambious Records is a local label releasing and showcasing some of the best new artists in electronica and dance music in South Africa. Their latest offering is an EP from Johannesburg based artist Cadenza. The EP is garnering heavyweight support from top tier local DJs and producers, the progressive tech/deep house release is built around well harnessed tension and smart ambient manipulation. I’m sure we’ll start hearing these tracks on a several dancefloors quite soon.

Warren Garvie – From The Fire

Very often simplicity is the key, and this two track offering from Warren Garvie has embraced that. Solid song construction, unpretentious and accompanied by an interesting vocal tone that grows on you as the songs progress. You’ll be singing along before its over.

Mustbedubz – Party & (Lose It)feat. Phantom Steeze, Tumi Tladi, Alfa Kat Laygo, Costa Titch​

The processed vocal style that sweeps through mainstream African R&B and hip hop is a strong feature in this track. It’s clear that with the whole squad featured the end goal is to have this song be an anthem to usher out the final remnants of summer. It’s catchy, sing-a-long goodness, perfect for the weekend.

Arsenic Beats – Hidden Formula feat. Mvula Drae & DJ Fingaz

The organized chaos of cerebral rap music, at its best, keeps you a little anxious but wholly attentive. A lot of bars get thrown into these tracks, with brief moments of reprieve offered in the chorus. If you are a fan of this style, then this Arsenic Beats release is right in your lane.

Mabuta – Welcome To This World

Shane Cooper and his many incarnations will always offer the freshest air for your lungs, the awakening your mind has been craving and sustenance for your soul. The Mabuta collective has released a mesmerizing album, timeless and challenging all at once. You’ll have this on repeat for a while and return to it often.

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