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Johnny Cradle release ‘Salut’ video

Directed by Thomas Revington Johnny Cradle’s new video for single ‘Salut’ is a tip of the hat to this country’s blue-collar workers who graft tirelessly while supplying the backbone of our economy.

With singer Sakumzi Qumana serving as creative director, the video shows all three members dressed up as different personnel – the teacher, the taxi driver, the rubbish collector, the domestic worker – standing against a black background and lit by a low, swinging light.

Interspersed with shots of a hand pouring a bottle of Viceroy carelessly onto the floor, the video reinforces the point of how hard they work with how little the privileged few care about their plight.

“And I wish they would pay you more,” Qumana sings sensibly and while we wait for Labor Minister Mildred Oliphant to announce the revised date of the new minimum wage implementation, we live in hope that the real heroes of this country’s workforce are duly rewarded. Watch the video below.

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