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Retro Dizzy release ‘Seaboat Captain’ video

‘Seaboat Captain’ is still stuck in my head hours after listening to the track, the main refrain has an attitude to it that makes you want to join right in with the lads as they warble the fun chorus together.

The video for the track matches the fun attitude of the song and showcases the hilarity and flamboyancy of the Retro Dizzy members themselves. The guys truly are a bunch of talented characters and it’s a wonderful occurrence when this character is done justice on screen, which I think director and editor Joshua Rijneke has managed to capture.

Although the aesthetic of the video is partly one that celebrates the messiness of DIY, the track it anything but messy and is a damn good sing-along rock song to add to Retro Dizzy’s impressive repertoire. These guys take their music seriously but it’s clear that the boys know how to have a good time and watching all four of them rolling around their cardboard sea-scape with a bottle of Jagermeister will make anyone want to sign up for their pirate crew.

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Watch the video below.