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Stone Jets: How Can You

In my review of their debut EP at the end of 2016, I distinctly remember mentioning that I believed Cape Town-based Stone Jets were one of the most active, hard-working bands around. New year, new me, same Stone Jets (in the best of ways). The three-piece’s unwavering diligence persists today, if not even more than before.

In between their incredibly tireless schedule, the outfit somehow makes time to deliver a decent amount of their soul-kwela-pop derivative they’ve become so affectionately renowned for. Their latest single ‘How Can You’ encompasses this familiar dynamic, albeit a few unfamiliar features throughout.

Through a relatively modest tempo, Manfred Klose’s (guitar) electric guitar licks flow between high-spirited and sultry – think of the introspective tones of John Mayer circa 2006. The simplistic dynamic allows for focus to be drawn here, as well as on frontman and bassist Given Nkanyane’s beautifully-soulful vocal tone and retrospective lyricism.

“Just say that you love me / Don’t say that I’m wrong,” pleads Nkanyane wholeheartedly in the track’s closing line. An earnest Bruno Mars-esque dynamic might describe the frontman’s vocal approach this time, as opposed to the notoriously merry. Overall, ‘How Can You’ highlights a subtly-different direction, one which I hope isn’t merely sporadic.

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