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Ason: Diemonds

Brimming with ambition and a heady dose of the ego-centric verve which is so rife in the hip-hop scene, Mozambican-born, USA-raised Ason is now based in South Africa and – alongside Rude World Records – seems anxious to make his mark.

Freshly dropped is ‘Diemonds’, accompanied by a ’90’s-style music video and oozing slick and simple rap mentalities. An eerie, three-chord synth line forms the melodic backbone of the track, while a percussive baseline roots the foundations.

The video itself incorporates the raw, almost unedited quality associated with early ’90’s music videos. Blurred lines slide through the frame as the camera pans over late night streets, netball courts and a clutch of youngsters, fronted by Ason, dropping rap rhythms. Aerial shots are thrown rapidly into the mix as a lone car navigates deserted streets and smoke grenades are set off at random.

A cruising pace prevails throughout the track, offset by a particularly staccato rap style as Ason spits verses laced in crude ambition: “Truth, I’m having fun like that / funny how they said they didn’t like my raps / funny how they said I wasn’t nice like that / now my name might be up in the lights like that.”