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Crimson House release ‘Jo Bounce’ video

Still riding high off their last single ‘Don’t Forget To Take Your Medicine’ that’s racked up just under 90k views on YouTube, today sees Crimson House drop a new video for single ‘Jo Bounce’.

Shot by Endemic Productions and directed by Liberty Verbaan, the same team behind the video for previous single, ‘Jo Bounce’ is an ode 18-year-old Joel Baker who’s the star of this simple monochromatic piece.

“We were playing a gig in Camps Bay, when this kid broke out in uncontrollable dancing, he had mad skills, so we invited him to studio so we could shoot him doing his thing to our tune, he did one solid take and this is what we got,” explains vocalist Riaan Smit.

With this single Crimson House continue their enthusiastic run of a genre they’ve coined ADM (Acoustic Dance Music). “ADM is a style that Crimson House are experimenting with in where we are getting inspired by the EDM sounds however we creating all the sounds live with our instruments,” Smit clarifies. “The builds, the drops the works. Jo Bounce is exactly that, it’s ska-meets-house-meets-electronica all done by our own.”

The self-proclaimed kings of gypsy jungle music are due to release their upcoming forth album in which they are further delving into their South African and Namibian roots. Watch the video below.

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