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DJ Maramza releases ‘uWrongu’ feat. Bonj Mpanza

Soul singer Bonj and longtime collaborator DJ Maramza (a pioneer of beat and electronic music in SA) bring the single ‘uWrongu’ to life in their latest collaboration. Inka Kendzia and Sara Gouveia succeed the song’s visual life, further emphasising the soulful disco-trap-esque beat that depicts heartbreak and frustration.

Bonj’s sassy, matter-of-fact vocal delivery fits perfectly into the attitude of the groovy track, which is original, while simultaneously reminiscent of classic disco through its flow and harmonic layout.

Majority of the video’s cinematography consists of close-up shots of Bonj’s face but Inka develops lighting and projections that crawl across her skin, bringing her story to life in an abstract animation reflecting past and present interacting in one space.

The visuals develop linearly with the song, following the sonic intensities, while Inka and Sara still leave room for the visuals to grow and highlight other tensions. Where the music climaxes in the last chorus, the visuals work overtime as the music fades out and the images and shapes distort to reflect Bonj’s frustrations in love and relationships where men have been, well, trashy. Watch the video below.

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