Feature Opinion

Fresh Flex Friday #40

I have spent the past week ruminating over the nature of “things not working out”. I have come to the conclusion that even when a situation does not ideally reflect the outcome you assumed or hoped it would yield, it does not mean that there isn’t substance or necessity in the result.

Adopting this perspective can change your approach to discovering new things, much like this delicious selection of brand new music from across the country. Populate your playlist ahead of the weekend and hopefully some of it will surprise you!

The Amblers – Shallow Pools

I’m a sucker for vocal tone, when its crisp, emotive and serene there is very little you can do to ruin my impression of a song. Luckliy this laidback folk rock ditty is also a well constructed showcase of considerate songwriting that accompanies such a beautiful voice, definitely a solid addition to my roadtrip playlist.

Veladraco – Coldest Winter Day

Speaking of great vocals, Alain from Veladraco has one of the most powerful vocal ranges and abilities I’ve heard in a male singer in SA. You may not have the opportunity to witness its full prowess in this offering but its smooth as velvet in this pop punk roller. Pop punk as a genre has always fascinated me, it reveals a vulnerability that is essentially shamed or discouraged by the traditional punk contemporaries but still results in great song writing that can hold its own.

Elle E – Mimosa’s at Socials

The gritty surf and garage rock badass is back with her second song and it’s even more killer than the her debut. My head is bobbing from the first chord and I just want to have it on repeat for the rest of the day. If you discover one thing you love today, I really hope its this artist.

Parabyl – Decompression

A spine tingling journey through wavy lofi bass goodness. There is an overwhelming idea growing inside my brain that Parabyl could soundtrack a Blade Runner-esque movie and successfully translate tension and emotion in to a devastating aural journey.

Rouge – Celebrity

Definitely deserving of as much hype and adoration as Nadia Nakai, Rouge is a strong rapper with a great flow and powerful presence in a genre that objectifies before it amplifies. Ten out of ten recommend you follow Rouge.

Ginger Trill – Money

While I’m not a fan of local rappers slinging about money and flashy lifestyles, I still can’t deny when a track bumps hard and this was my biggest surprise of the last month. I’d would play this one in the club.

Shinobi – Mac Luvin’ IT

Shinobi is the production alias of Jimmy Chronic, and offers a rolling lowslung bass escapade that far differs in comparison to his DJ sets. Sample-laden and grimy you will want to hear this on a massive sound system ASAP.

DKnow – Find Yourself / Falling

This artist has been uncompromising in his pursuit of representing techno is South Africa, through his label, productions and events he is always showcasing the dark, unrelenting and coercive truth that is often fluffed up by tech house impostors. This EP goes hard, prepare yourself.