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GoodLuck: My My My (Troye Sivan Cover)

It’s always a non-stop ride with GoodLuck. If it’s not world-wide touring, it’s summer holiday beach town residencies or their latest #BeYourselfDanceChallenge. This week it is a sultry, purple-hued cover of Troye Sivan’s ‘My My My’.

Where the original finds its niche with a hollow, percussive electro style and polished vocals pushed to the fore, GoodLuck navigate the track with high tone, floaty synths and breathy vocal work from Juliet Harding. What carries over however, is the sexy, self-assurance so rife in the the original.

The accompanying video is a dusky, purple-lit live recording which sees the dynamic trio weaving their live electronic instrumentalism. Juliet Harding, green-fringed hair and all, has a bass in her lap and almost hushed, sultry vocals slip from her lips. Ben Peters is armed with his array of electronic percussion, while Matthew O’Connell heats up his multi-tiered keyboard, a sax strung around his neck. For the most part the sound is stripped down and refined, handpicking the simpler aspects of the original track and fleshing them out with electro-jazz grace, while simultaneously stitching in their personalized aspect which have seen them dominate the local electro scene for so long. Watch the video below.

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