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Janie Bay releases ‘The Fear Inside’ video

Heavy grey mist seeps through the trees of the Kaapsehoop forest of Mpumalanga, as Janie Bay, wide-eyed in a white dress, navigates the eerie landscape in her latest lyric video.

‘The Fear Inside’ is her second release off her sophomore album “Miscellany” and at its core is a message of support for those struggling with depression, home abuse and the after-effects of trauma and rape. Alongside the release she reminds those who are similar situations that they are not alone and urges them to either make contact with her or a number of social support programs which operate throughout the country.

An ethereal, synth-centric textural intro opens the track, before it slips into a jangling guitar beat and rhythm line which firmly embeds a catchy, bouncy nuance which, while welcome, doesn’t quite match the eerie quality of the video – which was shot by imthecarpenter and overlaid by simple animation by Rees Lewis Thomas. Bay’s clarified, lilting vocals sweep over the song which easy grace, as her polished indie-pop sound unfurls. The lyrics are simplistic though thematically revolving around the acts of simultaneously running from our inner struggles, and yet having to inevitably face them head on. Watch the video below.

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