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The Pissups: Long Way Down

The latest effort from The Pissups is “Long Way Down”, an album that throws together elements of punk and pop punk for a familiar sound that they manage to brighten up with sheer enthusiasm. There’s also the twist of creative imagery in their lyrics that comes as a pleasant surprise. Their ability to avoid anything overtly familiar makes it an album that will strike instant appeal for those who grew up loving ‘90s.

The album starts with a traditionally string opener. ‘Flagship’ showcases the band’s punk roots that benefit from a gritty mix. The bass is clunky, guitars boil over with distortion and the drums plod along almost as if unhinged, all of which are positive and authentic choices in honing their sound. The energy levels stay constant straight through as they navigate several corners of the alternative and punk genres, finally arriving to final track ‘Down’ that embraces cheeky pop punk in all its glory.

Punk and alternative music tend to fall back on lyrical clichés of distrust, angst and aggression all to easily but The Pissups conjure up notably interesting turns of phrase and imagery. “Your dirty whispers dripped in gold/ They’re tipped with talons/ Tore my skin from ear to ear to twist a smile just like your own,” from ‘Flagship’ is one of the first that stuck with me. And then later ‘On The Road’ lays out a breakneck narrative of a journey from Mexico to Colombia that paints memorable sketches with each passing verse.

There is an undeniable familiarity to the music that reminded me of everything from Sum41’s darker work to early Fokofpolisiekar. Again, this makes it irresistible for anyone who grew up with bands from that era and wants a fresh addition to their collection.

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