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Van Pletzen release ‘Die Beats Amazing feat. Early B’ video

The third single off Van Pletzen’s debut “Kak Lekke Vibe” has a pretty self-explanatory title – ‘Die Beats Amazing’ is just that.

Their first single featuring Early B is probably the track that gets one of the best reactions at their live show and Peach Van Pletzen knows it explaining, “The beat for this song is amazing, so I thought let’s establish that in the lyrics first. That’s how lekker this beat is.”

This track also contains one of Peach’s favourite lyrics spun by Early B: “Ek’s min gespin soos nat wasgoed”. This loosely translates to, “Not spun like wet washing” which means “I’m not easily worried”.

The track and video reinforce the satirical duo’s narrative of telling it like it is. Expect this to be a staple at jols around the country for the foreseeable future. Watch the video below.

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