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Abraham: Look, Here Comes The Dark!

If you’re into atmospheric, epic, and dysphoric post-rock/metal, you’re in for a treat with the new album “Look, Here Comes The Dark!” by the Swiss 5-piece, Abraham. Serving up a hefty, thunderous offering (both in length and tone), the new album clocks in at just under two hours. It’s not easy listening by any means, but when an ambitious concept album like this tackles post-apocalyptic concepts, and at its heaviest and most frantic moments ultimately sounds like the world’s foundations crumbling – who’s expecting easy listening anyway?

Producer Magnus Lindberg (of Cult of Luna) has kept things raw and organic, allowing ample roominess but still delivering the crushing force that drives the material forward. Interestingly, different mixes have been applied to the four quarters of the album, marking sonic shifts that match the progression of the story told throughout the album. It’s grandiose, imposing, intoxicating, and entrancing.

Some unexpected territories are explored in certain songs, especially some jazz-inspired chords and bass-lines that make an appearance in the third quarter of the album. Synths occasionally stand out in the mix more prominently than would be expected, providing brief respites from the chaos. Anguished vocals fall more part of the backdrop, while the instruments themselves take centre stage to unleash their aural carnage. Finally, in the last quarter, the band takes a turn into fully experimental, post-rock environments. With paces slowed down, instruments droning into the ether, and the darkest tone on the album yet, the dread and despair practically hangs in the air around the speakers.

At times resembling Deafheaven in their dark and enveloping moments, and at others resembling Cult of Luna themselves with their progressive song structures, “Look, Here Comes The Dark!” is a varied and complex album that requires multiple listens to grasp its magnitude. It’s certainly intimidating from the outset but I hope that doesn’t dissuade you from taking the journey along with Abraham through their sonic landscape.

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