Opinion Review

Årabrot: Sinnerman

Creating a cover version of a song is a substantial challenge in itself. Some would say the art of covering a song well is in creating something unique in the process, thus making a work of art that stands on its own. Årabrot’s cover of Sinnerman, famously performed by Nina Simone, is unique by its very nature – the band being a Norwegian art rock/sludge metal outfit sees to this.

Their version of the song meshes some folky, somewhat celtic elements, marching band-esque drumming, and a vast arrangement of instruments from bagpipes to steel percussion, to create an atmospheric and rhythmic interpretation of the original. Vocalist Kjetil Nernes keeps things interesting with his varied vocal styles throughout the track.

Released in the form of a two-track Record Store Day exclusive, it’s something exciting for fans of the band and collectors to sink their teeth into, but given Årabrot’s style and musical leanings, this is one for enthusiasts of the genre.

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