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Arctic Monkeys release ‘Four Out Of Five’ video

The ominous beginning of Arctic Monkeys’ latest music video runs parallel to their newly released album that has seen a strange, yet beautiful, turn of musical events for our beloved Monkeys.

Directed by Ben Chappell and Aaron Brown with primary filming taking place at Castle Howard in Yorkshire, this video places Sheffield’s famous sons close to where it all began, although they’re further from the beginning than ever before.

This Stanley Kubrick-esque film, shot in Super8, sends you on an Alice in Wonderland tunnel of confusion, with clashing worldly dimensions where Alex Turner has a goatee and where he doesn’t. It’s this Clockwork Orange aesthetic that lends a wonderful sense of unease to the video.

An early shot of Turner and bassist, Nick O’Malley, looking at and discussing different “Virtual Lifestyle Packages” touches on a topic that Turner has decided to confront head on – the digital age and the dangers, but also pleasures, it offers. There’s a real sense of suspicion, but noticeable intrigue as he peruses these different “packages”.

Turner has finally lost his mind, but in the best possible way. I’d give this 5 stars out of 5. But would they even care? Watch the video below.

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