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B.O.Y Wonder releases #SMS (Save My Soul) video

Laced in purple-hued visuals and exuding a simple piano backbone, B.O.Y Wonder (Batsile Ramasodi) unpacks the dangers of substance abuse and addiction in his pivotal new release, ‘#SMS (Save My Soul’.

For the most part, the Pretoria-based rapper’s work is a home-hitting ode to navigating the tricky tracks of one’s twenties. A theme largely explored in the experimentalism of his last EP, “Vices”m in which ‘#SMS’ is featured.

The track is something of an addict’s lament, and simultaneously an urge for those who have fallen into the downward spiral of addiction to reach our for help.

An impassioned African-American pastor’s speech opens the track with bizarre vigour, which recedes into a chiming piano foundation, textured with percussive electro experimental trap effects. “Loner/ older/ colder/ never sober,” Wonder spits with clarified rhythm, as he visually encapsulates a tortured persona – stumbling through a hotel room strewn with drugs, a bottle of wine at his lips, two women in his bed, as the track proceeds with eerie ominousness. Watch the video below.

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