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Caelo: How Does It Feel / Wait For You

In an effort to buy some time following a motorcycle accident which left front-man Joel Bronner seriously injured, the Mother City-hailing three piece has released the B-sides to their debut EP, “Visions”, which dropped late last year.

The two-track offering is forward-thinking and divergent, artfully balancing their grungy rock forte and lighter alternative-pop contouring. Brooding melody counters light, three-part harmonies, while their unconventional song structures are awash in galloping riffage and unexpected hooks in two brief tracks which explore time, legacies and personal growth.

‘How Does It Feel’ is fueled by a two-chord, clarified progression, wrapped in hollowed guitar sound and light, alt-pop affectation, while almost indistinct synth strains creep their way into the latter half of the track. “Here is no place for me / Here is not all it seems / How does it feel to be the way you want to be?” Bronner inquires amid the stripped-down chorus.

Neatly countering its sister track, ‘Wait For You’ follows a pattering, unpredictable path, launching into frenzied riffs and straight back out of them with dauntless ease, wrapping the piece in ’70’s textures. These guys are a force to be reckoned with.

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