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CrashCarBurn release ‘Free Fallin” video

Out of all the tracks off CrashCarBurn’s new album “Headlights”, their cover of Tom Petty’s ‘Free Fallin’’ stands as probably their most ambitious.

Inspired by Petty’s passing last year, when I interviewed vocalist Garth Barnes earlier this year he told me that he, “started putting down ideas and then just got completely carried away.” The rest of the band followed suit. Their version starts off slower but drums and guitars crash into the chorus which allows for it to be much more grandiose than the original.

“We just love the way the song turned out,” Barnes beams. “It’s always tricky taking on a classic like this, the last thing you want to do is butcher someone’s all time favourite song! But we’re very, very proud of the way it turned out. It really is one of our best songs on the album. If you’re a CCB fan and you’re not familiar with Tom Petty, I think it ticks all the boxes and you’re gonna love it. If you’re a Tom Petty fan, we hope this version will put an interesting spin on one of your old favourites and hopefully make you rediscover a track you haven’t heard in a while!”

Now the second single off “Headlights”, their cover has an accompanying performance-rooted video, shot by drummer Brendan Barnes, which sets the group in a low-lit High Seas Studio surrounded with strings of warm lights snaked on the floor.

The iconic track speaks for itself so it makes sense to have a simplified music video that allows the music to shine. Watch the video below.

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