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Fresh Flex Friday #43

I’ve decided that 2018 is the year of adventure, the main goal being to gear every experience towards facilitating the next part of this adventure. This week’s selection of music is an exciting journey through a multitude of styles and genres. The kind of music that would make the perfect road trip mixtapes – perhaps the soundtrack to your big adventure?

Bonj – Til The Tide

The evolution of Bonj is an inspiring and empowering insight into striking the balance between authenticity and savvy. Whether hearing her feature on countless local producers’ tracks or watching her own the stage in TheCity, one fact always remains true – Bonj knows who she is, what she is capable of and what she deserves. The first track off her debut major label release is an introduction that will blow away new fans, and a comforting reminder of that beautiful soul and voice her original fans embraced.

Tall Thief – Paralyzed

Head bobbing immediately after pressing play. I’m consumed by the need to see this guy live, straight away. The only thing paralyzing about this listening experience is the fear of not being able to stop pressing repeat. More please, a lot more…

Bougie Pantsula – The Demo Tape

This release displays a smart usage of sampling with bouncy and coercive rhythms balanced out by catchy vernacular and bars. There seems to be a cheeky nod to the style of some of Jabba’s influences, perhaps not consciously but definitely present in the delivery. Bump this at length for the full experience, I can imagine this popping off in Braam on the weekend. It also includes a fresh feature from Stiff Pap’s AyemaProbllem.

Early Hours – Blink

There was time when the likes of Two Door Cinema Club and their ilk ruled our playlists, indie disco parties where the norm rather than an exception and all the awkward kids had a happy place on the big dancefloors. This track stirs a deep nostalgia for that time, a successful excursion into pop supported by a catchy bassline and the comfort of uptempo handclaps.

Yellow House – Heaven Knows

Watching a video of Emile Van Dango sitting on a couch in front of a projected video of him sitting on the same couch, with an entirely different narrative playing behind the other Emile, is deeply meta. “How can I be so young but feel so used?” an introspective interrogation that we have all experienced in one of many incarnations. This track is beautiful, dreamy and melancholic.

Clark Blanche – Taurus EP

Clark has a devastating grasp on the nuanced rhythms that have come to make his music so recognizable, there is such depth and dimension to his beat structure that you notice something new on each repeat of a track. I just wish he wouldn’t his music on a Friday night, I had to wait almost an entire week to give this a spin because I saved the link mindlessly on the way to an event and then forgot about it. Don’t be like me, listen to this right now.

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