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Howler Presents: Fresh Flex Friday #45

This week’s selection eases through the spectrum of comfort. Starting with a warm embrace and with each release edges towards a sobering wake up call to culminate the playlist. But it’s a necessary musical journey, one that could accompany you en route to MTN Bushfire Festival which starts today, if you are traveling to Swaziland drive and rave safe. If you’re staying in the country, and wish to explore your own or other heritages then a few tequilas and tacos at the Festival De Mexico or bratwurst and weiss beer at the German Beer Fest may be the solution.

Tzara – Ctrl-Alt

This track sounds like it could accompany the opening sequence to a Blade Runner-style, futuristic dysphoria landscape movie. The most astounding thing about Tzara is that she just released an album with Three Witches and is still sneaking beautiful treats like this to us each week.

AliThatDude – Forest Green

The trend with African artists that exhibit this calibre of songwriting and vocal style, on a neo-sould afro pop tip, is for them to head straight into the urban contemporary market and suddenly have their production overrun by more commercial beats. However, with AliThatDude we constantly receive the highest standard without compromise which is refreshing and still manages to reach the right ears, so he’s got the formula on lock.

Yungloon Taliboom – To Be Continued

I love this collaboration from Maloon TheBoom and YoungstaCPT, it allows us to hear our favourite Cape Town naaier in the context of Golden Era classics. Think Fugees, Nas and Tribe Called Quest but delivered with the European flare from Maloon and the raw, honest perspective of YoungstaCPT. The key here is the nuances in Maloon’s beats, the musical ad libs that wrap around the vocal ad libs in beautiful harmony.

GuGu – For You

I had the pleasure of seeing GuGu perform a few weeks ago, a shy and kind young soul who flourishes into an engaging performer the minute she steps behind the microphone. And she’s making R’n’B anthems that make you take note.

Umlilo + STASH CREW – Mad As Hell

A queer pride manifesto shot in the city streets, the repetition of “YOU CAN’T DENY IT” at the beginning of the song is coercive and completely true. The fervour of the video matches the energy of the track and you’re sucked into the experience for the duration.

Batuk – Deep Ocean Deep

A visual spectacle featuring a beautiful siren on the rocks, a mermaid queen in her under water kingdom. A submerged dream sequence as immersive and beautifully overwhelming as the song.

DOOKOOM – Gangstaz

As is protocol with DOOKOOM, if you want to face stark realities they have a direct line to the raw truth. This video is a perspective of the true, unglamorous reality of the gang-affected areas in this country as well as the juxtaposition of the cities that ignore this reality.

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