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In Review: 36 Crazyfists at Rumours

I missed 36 Crazyfists the last time they were in the country to headline Krank’d Up so I made extra provisions to make sure I wouldn’t miss this sound round. I arrive at Rumours Rock City and there’s already a pretty lengthily queue to get into the venue which just adds to the palpable excitement.

Double SAMMA winners Riddlebreak open the night and they’re an excellent choice to set the tone in the already-packed venue. Newtown Knife Gang is next up and even though lead singer Spencer Martin is rocking a wheelchair onstage, the show must inevitably go on. He thanks the crowd at the end for not making it weird about said wheelchair.

The final support act, Only Forever, reinforce the high-energy pace of the evening before the main act. 36 Crazyfists burst onto stage and the crowd goes mental as they start with the heavy and abrasive ‘Death Eater’ (A+ for the Harry Potter nod) before moving to ‘At The End of August’ off 2003’s “A Snow Capped Romance”. The crowd takes over singing the latter’s chorus and I am sold.

Lead singer, Brock Lindow confesses that it’s his birthday and mentions how tonight we’re going to hear a mixture of old songs and new songs off current album “Lanterns”.  It was always going to difficult to play new tracks when you have eight solid gold studio albums to draw from, but they appease us with the more melodic ‘Wars to Walk Away From’ as well as ‘Better To Burn’ and ‘Below The Graves’ which are more of an ode to their earlier style despite being newer.

Halfway through the set Lindow mentions how South Africans are some of the friendliest people he’s ever met and asks the crowd to sing and dance with him, but to also take care of each other. The mosh pit is reciprocal in his request.

Nearing the end of their set, Lindow confesses that he shat his pants about three songs before and that the band has a bout of food poisoning, but that he’s going to change his “drawers” after the set and come party with everyone.  The crowd loves this overshare even more.

I leave feeling exhilarated and excited about what’s happening on our metal scene and undeniably, a huge part of this increased momentum is thanks to Turning Tricks for investing in the scene and keeping its fire burning. On to the next tour we go.

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