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MyMyMy: Wakker Skrik ft. Churchil Naude

Featuring the smooth nuances of Afrikaans rapper Churchil Naude, MyMyMy has just dropped their latest offering, ‘Wakker Skrik’ – a poignant ode to the high walls and electric fences of South Africa’s rich, accompanied by a lomographised, suburban street view of a music video.

Floaty synths and percussive finger clicks strike a balance as Jana Oosthuisen’s equally floaty vocals lull the track into submission. Wholly steeped in synth-infused eighties influences and awash in bold imagery, the track takes a left hand turn half way through and delves into warping, bulbous synth territory – space cadet-like leanings taking to the fore with almost psychedelic verve.

The video navigates city streets and urban feet, textured in clever animation and cloudscapes, steeped in an Instagram-esque filter haze. Select precocious lyrics are stamped across the screen, while stop-motion animation mimics street art on high walls and grey pavements.

What began as an ode to a pet hate of electric fences, has now become a feisty prod at the hidden, fenced-in lives of wealthy urbanites. “Plastiek mense/ almal met plastiek wense/ almal met vol gepakte spense […] ons droom in ‘high-res’,” Naude spits. Watch the video below.

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