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Omar Morto: Wanted

Stemming from a feeling of nostalgia which surfaced along with the realisation of the impeding conclusion of his twenties, “Wanted” is Omar Morto’s audial salute to his sentimentality and turning a page in one’s life. This is the second EP since the downscaling of the electro disco-funk act which saw the duo become a solo act spearheaded by Andriques Petersen, and was released through his personal studio imprint [capeclub].

The EP is awash in organic textures, and opens with the unmistakable trickle of natural running water, before a pattering percussive synth line pulls into play, wrapping ‘89’ in almost ethereal melody which morphs into an atmospheric build of the alt-disco persuasion, before back-peddling into a simplistic baseline.

‘Under the Sun’ features Albany Lore (vox and sax) is founded on an off-kilter, hollowed synth framework as lilting saxophone impressions glide into the mix, drawing the gradual pace of the track into rhythmic nuances, with Cape Town producer Josh Hector at his side.

High-tone organ-esque qualities are rife in ‘Wanted’, which builds with undeniable grace to fall into a gratifying percussive baseline drop. ‘My Body’ follows suit, fleshed out by sultry vocals courtesy of Hello Vinegar (Room Phonics). A sax-fringed drop pivots as the backbone of the track, as she croons, “You love burns, burns, burns babe / Pull me closer / let my body adore you boy”, while the EP is wrapped up with a perplexing off-kilter, space-cadet-esque fade-out of a track in the form of ‘Wave Goodbye’.

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