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Sean Koch releases ‘Feel The Energy’ video

The crashing of waves is the first thing you hear in Sean Koch’s video for ‘Feel The Energy’, the first single off their upcoming debut album “Your Mind Is A Picture”, and does excellently to set the scene for the five-minute long video.

Featuring sweeping shots of the Atlantic Ocean, the Cape’s coast and its surrounding vegetation, the end result is lush in its textures and does a first-rate job at capturing the raw beauty of the Cape’s nature.

The track itself is all about the gradual build, starting with nothing but a cooing from Koch over a simple acoustic chord and culminating in drummer Ross Hillier at the end of a rocky outcrop, beating his djembe. It’s all very picturesque and dramatic.

In the same way that Jeremy Loops has a deep connection with the earth and the elements so too does Koch and that connection is made plainly evident in this music video and he and Cato Caitlin (who basically looks like a mermaid) traverse their respective scenery. Watch the video below.

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