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Spook The Horses: Made Shapeless

Brimming withe eccentricities and experimentalism, New Zealand post-metal six-piece Spook The Horses return with a subdued, shadow-soaked visual accompaniment to their track ‘Made Shapeless’.

Awash in stripped-down guitar, which is flanked by drum-work which is so light is provides barely a whiff of textural contribution, the track follows an off-kilter, deceptively ambient path. It is disturbingly firmly rooted in its expansive idiosyncrasies; as non-conforming vocal harmonies, which only just match, counter gritty experimental nuances.

The video is eerily abstract, lending a darker element to the offering which the music alone would not have created. As experimental as the sound, seemingly random visuals are overlain, each as weirdly out of place as the other. An extensive grey hangs heavy over a beach scene, as a silver-robed figure looms into view.

Theirs is a sound which doesn’t quite fit anywhere, as their self-professed genres of post-metal, thrash and drone walk circles around one another. The track’s enigmatic theme doesn’t quite manage to reveal itself in the brief vocal aspects. Lyricism is merely a middle ground around which extensive instrumentation and sonic textures are built. It’s dreamy, lilting and light on its toes, almost disturbingly spacious it its melodic construction.

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